Artificial Intelligent Meters (Smart Meters)

Development of the Smart Meters is performed based on research, hardware development and implementation of the additional external unit called Advanced Data management Module (ADDM) which transform regular meters into Smart Meters (SM). The technical specifications are presented below:


Advanced Data Management Module (ADMM) can be equipped with up to 6 extension cards (each card allows to communicate via one of electrical standards: Mbus, RS485, RS232, optical RS232 (IEC1107)), it allows to connect building automation equipment by different communication standards. Detailed descriptions of interfaces developed within the project are presented below:

With the use of specific extension cards, the device is enabled to communicate with various devices. At this stage we prepared communication drives for:


  • Regulators

– Satchwell

– TAC Series Xenta

– Danfoss

– Saia Series PCD

– Siemens

– Samson Series Trovis

– Jonhson Controls


  • Heat/Cold meters

– Kamstrup

– Enerkon Integral

– Danfoss

– Actaris

– Satronic PolluStat



  • Other meters

– gas meters Every piece with available impulsator

– gas sensors Every piece with the protocol

– electricity meter Every piece with available impulsator in EN 62056-21 standard

– water meter Every piece with available impulsator or with the output MBUS