Public deliverables

In this section you will find all deliverables of public interest produced within the H2020 InDeal project.

D1.2 Legislative challenges and energy efficiency barriers30.9.2016
D1.4 Energy system analyses7.4.2017
D1.5 Test sites for Real Case Studies11.1.2017
D6.1 First loop for preliminary design
D6.2 Second loop for final design (prototype)
D6.4 Life Cycle Assessment
D6.5 Real Case Study A – District Heating
D6.6 Real Case Study B – District Heating and Cooling
D7.1 Project website public1.9.2016
D7.2 Patent search30.11.2016
D7.3 Draft plan for disseminating the use of knowledge (PUDK)*download D7.330.11.2017
D7.4 InDeal promotional
video (Interviews & Results)
D7.6 IPR registrydownload D7.631.8.2017
D7.7 Reports on industry workshops