Press releases

Another tool for dissemination is press release, where partners’ contribution is relevant. The press release, unlike scientific publication, allows to reach wider audiences, by briefly informing about the technology advances. The following table shows released notices by partners about InDeal project.

Partner Type of print media Title Where Editor Date Reference
CEMITEC newsletter website Navarra, Spain Navarra Capital 25.1.2017
CEMITEC magazine RETEMA Revista Técnica de Medio Ambiente nº 201 Especial BIOENERGÍA 2017 (pag. 92-94) Madrid, Spain C&M Publicaciones, S.L 3.10.2017
ENERGETIKA Regional newspaper Utrip Žalec, Slovenia Institute of Culture, Sport and Tourism Žalec every 3 months
ENERGETIKA Local newspaper Municipality info Vransko, Slovenia Institute of Culture, Tourism and Sport Vransko every 3 months