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The dissemination of project’s end results is one of the main goals of the ‘InDeal’ project. It is the best way to maximize the project’s impact. For this matter the work of all consortium partners relies on finding suitable target groups and communication with them, but also on increasing public awareness about our goals.

Dissemination target groups
 Target groupsSectors
PrimaryDHC owners and usersResidential sector, industry
PrimaryProviders of DHC systemsManufacturers, designers, installers
PrimaryProviders of pipingManufacturers, designers, installers
PrimaryProviders of pipe insulationManufacturers, designers, installers
SecondaryAdministrationLocal, national and international governments
SecondaryResearch institutesResearch and development activities in energy efficiency, materials, heating and cooling distribution, decision support systems
SecondaryEducational institutions and scientific communitiesUniversities