Central Monitoring and Control Platform (CMCP)

Central Monitoring and Control web Platform (CMCP) will be used to visualize the results of different sub-tools as specified in the other WPs. CMCP will host the input from Artificial Intelligent Meters (or Smart Meters), Decision Support System, Energy Demand Prediction Tool, Weather Prediction Tool and Storage Management Tool as presented in the Figure:

This is achieved during several phases which are summarized below:

– Realization of smart meter – server – database – CMCP connectivity. This is done by the API (Application Protocol Interface) provided by Promar. This API is written in NodeJS which is a JavaScript library. JavaScript is a client-side language, which means, the codes written in JavaScript are executed on an engine in the browser when a user triggers them or the user visits a website. However, NodeJS brings the possibility to write server-side codes in JavaScript which are executed on the server before the webpage is loaded on the browser.

– Investigation and applying of different software libraries for dynamic scalable display of the initial results. The library used to draw charts on the platform is called D3JS, which is a JavaScript library. D3 stands for Data Driven Documents, it helps to create different types of charts to visualize the data.

– There is a function for choosing the desired period of time. At the left-side of the chart one can see two date pickers, one for the starting date and one for the ending date of the period. By choosing these dates and clicking on the “REDRAW” button, the chart will be redrawn using the data in between that period.
– Additionally, on the right side of the chart one can find the percentages of the data in three sections according to the threshold lines. These percentages are shown by circles that have diameters proportional to the amount of data in that section.

– Zooming capabilities: all the charts are equipped with zooming functionalities. One can use the scrolling wheel of the mouse to zoom into the chart or zoom out of the chart. Moreover, a thin bar is provided below the chart which shows all the data points, one can use this bar to choose a desired period of time on the axis by grabbing the gray section by the edges and sliding to the sides. A “RESET” button is provided at the top of the chart which can be used to take the chart to the default form after zooming into the chart.

– Discussions with the end-users for applying any suggestions for improvements and modifications. The goal is to have the best useful parameters display (from a practical point of view) presented in friendly GUI.

As in the relation with the hardware requirements and specifications the following are presented below:
The server that hosts the CMCP is an Ubuntu system with the version 17.04 and the database that is used on the server is a MySQL data base (MySQL Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.20, for Linux (x86_64)). MySQL is an open source, Relational Database Management System. The SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is a programming language to work with the data stored in relational databases. A relational database uses a relational model for storing the data. In this model the data are stored in tables with rows and columns. Each row has a unique id which makes it possible to access the data in that row. Specific data foramts are created for each of the summodules of the CMCP.

As an example of Smart Meter integration and visualization is presented below: